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Kuopio Entrepreneurship Society is an entrepreneur and student driven entrepreneurship community. We enhance entrepreneurial culture and multidisciplinary interaction between entrepreneurs, schools and students. We encourage people to refine their ideas, and we create an atmosphere to unleash hidden potential.


There has been a growing interest towards entrepreneurship among students in higher education. Our purpose is to serve the entrepreneurial-minded with powerful insights, skills & connections that inspire, motivate and help them to create new businesses. We are part of the movement towards a more innovative, creative, entrepreneur-friendly and economically healthy Finland.


To accomplish this we arrange events related to entrepreneurship. Collaboration is an essential part of our operations. Not everything can be learned in school, so we arrange different kinds of events for networking and encouraging people to take the next step. If you have ideas for the community, contact us without hesitation!

Our team

Tuomas Holma
tuomas@kuopioes.fi 044 357 7803
Matti Laitinen
matti@kuopioes.fi 040 845 6155
Pauli Turunen
pauli@kuopioes.fi 050 352 4500
Oliver Rajala
Niko Kosunen
International Correspondent
Tiina Kortelainen
Content Manager
Mikael Pennanen
Community Manager
Hanna Nevala
Events & Cooperation
Iiro Naamanka
Events & Cooperation
Max Von Hellens
Accelerator Program


Cockpit Accelerator Program – Prepare for Business Takeoff

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur but don’t know how to get started? This summer KuopioES organizes an accelerator program for teams that want to take their idea to the next level with the help of business professionals. Cockpit is a four-week mentoring program aimed to give you the best possible start for launching …

Nobody in their right mind would go to Helsinki in November – or would they?

The annual startup and investor event SLUSH was again held in Helsinki at the end of last year. Kuopio Entrepreneurship Society board members attended the event and found out what the hype was about. So how was SLUSH and why was it necessary to attend? Let’s get to the bottom of things.   Starting with …

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You can contact us via Facebook, email or phone.

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