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Kuopio Entrepreneurship Society is an entrepreneur and student driven entrepreneurship community. We enhance entrepreneurial culture and multidisciplinary interaction between entrepreneurs, schools and students. We encourage people to refine their ideas, and we create an atmosphere to unleash hidden potential.


There has been a growing interest towards entrepreneurship among students in higher education. Our purpose is to serve the entrepreneurial-minded with powerful insights, skills & connections that inspire, motivate and help them to create new businesses. We are part of the movement towards a more innovative, creative, entrepreneur-friendly and economically healthy Finland.


To accomplish this we arrange events related to entrepreneurship. Collaboration is an essential part of our operations. Not everything can be learned in school, so we arrange different kinds of events for networking and encouraging people to take the next step. If you have ideas for the community, contact us without hesitation!

Our team

Niko Kosunen
Interim Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
niko@kuopioes.fi +358 44 237 9868
Kenneth Muhumuza
kenneth@kuopioes.fi +358 41 758 3738
Stephen Gilsenan
Technology Transfer & Diffusion

gilsenan.stephen@gmail.com +358 50 576 0461

Bailey Lähdesmäki
Event Manager
bailey@kuopioes.fi +358 44 271 8451
Marco Rigano
Marketing Content Manager
Max Von Hellens
Events & Cooperation
Robert Taylor
Startup Mentor
Anna Prudan
Events & Cooperation
Mikhail Milanov
Events & Cooperation
Ville Summanen
Cooperation & Mentor
Matti Heiskanen
Mentor & Cooperation
Tuomas Holma
tuomas@kuopioes.fi 044 357 7803
Matti Laitinen


The “Broader” Finnish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem – Visited!

*SHIP Start up festival held in Kotka,  1-2.8.2019          As a  warm up event to the *SHIP Start Up Festival  – The Entrepreneur Societies of Finland convened in the southern Finnish harbour city of KOTKA to discuss common challenges.   – They were tasked with finding ways move forward whilst sustaining momentum and to proactively address …

Year 2018 – Shaping the community

The Innovation area—Day for Thinkers and Doers—was organised by Kuopio Entrepreneurship Society (KuopioES) in collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). The participants included professors, researchers as well as students and entrepreneurs. The aim was to encourage multidisciplinary interaction and collaboration to spur innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants were encouraged to share both their views and …

1st. Innovation Arena – Day for Thinkers and Doers – 15th of December

The event will bring together professors, lecturers and researchers as well as students, entrepreneurs and collaborators associated with the University of Eastern Finland. The aim is to encourage multidisciplinary interaction and collaboration to spur innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants will learn about academic entrepreneurship as well as what is happening within the startup ecosystem in the Savilahti region. …

Contact information

Hello there!

First of all, we are very happy you checked out this page because this means that you are thinking about joining this amazing community! Kuopio ES is made up by all the curious and creative minds driven by the belief that “It is not enough to dream it, you have to do the work and make it real!”. Kuopio ES can only exist, live and grow through its members. For this reason, we are hyped to get to know you and have you on board!

Please, feel free to contact us via Facebook, email or phone.

kenneth@kuopioes.fi +358 41 758 3738

To become a member please fill on the following application.

We look forward to meet you and welcome you to our Community of thinkers and doers!

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Kuopio Entrepreneurship Society