Cockpit timetable – Can be updated!

Cockpit Accelerator program:

Below is the program schedule;

Some tips first:

Remember to meet new people, create connections

Be open minded as possible (talk about your dreams and problems -> How to tackle problems and validate progress?), show enthusiasm!

Use resources you find (Take notes, use premises, arrive to meetups/events, situations, search actively contacts…etc)

Have fun! 🙂

Week 1.
19.6 Start;          info, 10 O´clock  (Introduction, program content, Meal)

20.6 Health innovation day,              11.30 o´clock (Dinner, Keynote speakers and workshops)

Midsummer! (Process your pitch ideas while diving in lake 😀 ) You can use basic frameworks like;

Try to be understandable  but also original with the presentation!

Week 2.
26.6 Mentor day:                                 12.00 Kari Voutila; Talk about Investor relations and sales, be prepared to pitch your idea (5min) -> Getting feedback from the group and individually

30.6 Mentor day:                                 9.00 Kari Voutila, (Fiban), Hearing the iterated pitches, possibly media included.

Aleksi Haapajoki Marketing and brand (Possibility to continue evening to Kuopio Wine Festival)

Week 3. 
3.7 Mentor day                                  9.00  Jyrki Saarinen: Business Model Canvas; Creation of business model canvas -> Iteration, peer review and developing/Testing

6.7 Possible peer review and workshop, BMC-show-off!

Week 4.
11.-13.7 *Ship business festival in Kotka, place to meetup national entrepreneurs, new people, opportunities -> Reflect of your learning and business model. ( Tell your participation @ week2 latest!)

Possible events to meet up with other entrepreneurial organisations

Week 5.
19.7 Mentor day                                  9.00 Ken Schultz Rabin ja Kaisa Loijas: Reaching your dreams.

What have you learned? What you have achieved?  Future?

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